What You Should Know Before You Have Cosmetic Surgery On Your Body


Cosmetic surgery has become popular in today’s world

• Lately, more and more people are doing body-enhancing surgeries

• While these processes have some advantages for the individual in terms of appearance, they also have their disadvantages

• American surgeon who helped the “Gorilla Glue Girl” gave an insight into the problem

Cosmetic Surgery – Surgery performed to improve every part of the human body has become a very popular phenomenon around the world today.

Not only women but also men improve parts of their body to look attractive to women, among other things.

It’s not uncommon for people to do liposuction, Brazilian butt lift, enhanced penis, and tummy tuck today.

What sparked this enthusiasm? Renowned Ghana-born surgeon Dr. Michael K. Obeng explains that he is mainly from a few television shows, including Dr. 90210, which aired on US television in 2004. This, in his opinion, made plastic surgery popular and today shows like “Keeping” up with the Kardashians “have the same effect.

But there are some important things that every person who decides to get their body better through surgery should know. There are risks and benefits alike, so what are some of them?

This US-based surgeon, known for repairing the “gorilla glue girl” ‘s hair, said so in an interview with GHOne Television.

– Start with a counseling session, make sure you find a doctor who is more certified who knows what he or she is doing. Do your research and make sure you choose the person with the right track record.
– Laboratory tests will be done on you to make sure you are healthy; Your kidney, your blood, if everything is okay, the patient will be operated on.

– Lean people are the most dangerous surgeries because if you are not careful, you will end up with more bumps than good. Some areas may end up being more uneven than they were before the operation.

– Age does not correlate strongly with the results. The older you are, the more complications will inevitably arise.

Risks and Complications:


The most common complication that can occur is bleeding. You may bleed into the cavity where the body surgery was performed.


A build-up of fluid after liposuction or Bbls (Brazilian butt lift). The most common complication of cosmetic surgery is the appearance of seromas.

It is not uncommon for fluids to need to be vacuumed and removed.


One can risk getting infections, but these can be very small in relation to the rate of contraction.


According to Dr. Above, although the death rate is very low, there have been reports of people dying after plastic surgery, hence the need to research and discuss the details with the doctor before performing the surgery.

Meanwhile, Dr. Above that “all of these things can happen, but very minimally, of course. We are talking about a complication of 1 to 3 percent. 3 out of 100 people have a problem but it is not permanent, it can only delay the healing process.

“Patients are warned or advised that all of these things could potentially happen,” he added.
He spoke to host Serwaa Amihere on GHOne Television’s Breakfast Review.

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