Syntr Health Technologies announces FDA approval of the SyntrFuge system for use in special operations that require the transfer and implantation of the patient’s own fat tissue


Single-use, single-use device processes the patient’s fatty tissue at the point of care; Maintains cell structure and viability

Irvine, California., August 12, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Syntr Health Technologies, Inc., a medical technology company specializing in the processing of autologous adipose tissue, also known as adipose tissue, today announced the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval of its patented SyntrFuge System ™ for use in surgical specialties in the Transfer of harvested adipose tissue (adipose tissue) is desirable. These specialties include orthopedic, arthroscopic, neurosurgical, gastrointestinal, urological, general, gynecological, thoracic, laparoscopic, as well as plastic and reconstructive operations when aesthetic body contouring is desired.

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In a separate press release today, the company also oversubscribed $ 2.2 million Seed investment round.

“As a bootstrapped company with limited funding, Syntr Health Technologies has reached an important milestone and has received FDA approval for our innovative, effective and affordable approach to accelerating adipose tissue processing at the point of care,” said Ahmed Zobi, Chief Executive Officer of Syntr. “We look forward to expanding sales of the SyntrFuge system and expanding our product range to a wide range of markets.”

The SyntrFuge system concentrates the adipose tissue while maintaining the cell structure and the viability of the cells, which are crucial for the natural function of adipose tissue in the body. The concentrated fat produced by the SyntrFuge system is ideal for use in aesthetic applications and expands options for patients who may not want or be unsuitable for major and more invasive surgery. Adipose tissue implantation is known to aid in natural soft tissue rejuvenation in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

In connection with today’s announcement, Syntr has released its class I device SyntrFPU 360, a laboratory centrifuge device that facilitates accelerated processing, as an accessory to the SyntrFuge system and listed with the FDA.

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Irvine, California-based Syntr Health Technologies, Inc. was founded by three engineers and founded in 2018 following successful approval of an NIH Phase I SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research). The company’s mission is to provide physicians with a device that accelerates adipose tissue processing at the point of care. Syntr Health Technologies is focused on becoming the market leader in automated adipose tissue processing, reducing recovery times and improving quality of life. Syntr is headquartered at University Lab Partners, a premier wet lab incubator in the heart of Orange County.

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University Lab Partners is a premier, not-for-profit wet lab incubator in the UCI Research Park in Irvine, CA. ULP is a professionally managed and equipped wet lab facility with the benefits of peer-to-peer interactions in a life sciences-focused business community. ULP is a project of the Beall Family Foundation.



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