Photos of Mia Thornton before and after plastic surgery


The Real Housewives of Potomac fans unearthed pictures of show newcomer Mia Thornton praising her plastic surgery improvements.

Following Mia Thornton out The real housewives of Potomac The fans proudly reveal all of their plastic surgeries on the show and tumble over them before and after photos. Since she’s the show’s newcomer, viewers dig into Mia’s past and get a glimpse of her looks before she became a Bravo star. The attention on Mia’s cosmetic shine comes after she and Dr. Wendy Osefo got into an argument about women taking responsibility for their jobs. Now that Wendy is in her second season, it looks like Mia has taken off her freshman crown, causing her supposed insecurity.

Mia stole the show from Wendy’s “Naked Interlude” Party where she invited the ladies to her home to introduce them to their new body enhancements for plastic surgery. “Happy” and “Wet,“The names she gave two of her new assets were greeted with applause from the ladies. Wendy even admitted that she worked on her buttocks. In fact, Mia didn’t shy away from revealing that she made it.”everything“done. According to Mia she is”owns it “ and is not ashamed to go under the knife. Mia went on to share how she is going “Botox every four weeks” and also receives regular filler injections. Mia said she has: “my lips, [b*obs done], I had a tummy tuck … I had my a ** done. ”

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It was only when Mia admitted that she had undergone cosmetic surgery that the ladies noticed that Wendy finally admitted to doing gluteal muscles as well. With Mia boldly expressing her love for cosmetic surgery, it wasn’t long before fans found old photos of Mia from the past few years. A Reddit user shared a slideshow of Mia’s photos from 2010 to 2020. Fans joined the discussion, responding to Mia’s good looks with and without cosmetic enhancements. Others nodded at Mia’s forgetful nature when it came to sharing her real age on the show. “And the whole time she stayed 30. Or 36 or 38. Even she doesn’t know. “ said one person.

Mia Thornton RHOP

One person questioned Mia’s age because they thought they looked older than their stated age. “I can’t believe she’s only 36. “ said the Reddit user. They continued “She is beautiful and I love her transparency, but I turned 37 this year and she just seems so much older“According to Redditor, Mia’s older looks could be because”all the work she’s done. “ They continued. “I’m not trying to shadow her by just reminding her of Kim Zolciak. “ They said. The mixed reviews of Mia’s performance come after she admitted to working in her private sphere, something else Housewives were surprised to hear.

With all of the conversations about Mia’s looks, it looks like she’s the perfect match too The real housewives of Potomac. In just two episodes, she has already managed to build a feud with Wendy and seemingly shadowing her friend Karen Huger in her ongoing feud with Gizelle Bryant. Many show fans were concerned about the dynamic with the departure of Monique Samuels. However, it looks like Mia is filling in all the right spots with her snappy flaps and transparency.

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