May I ask if anyone has been vaccinated? ‘Too Personal’ Dodge Rings Hollow


However, when Tucker Carlson recently refused to answer the same question from a reporter, he appears to have been doing something worse than starting a meme. His response to distract it as a “super vulgar personal question” helped cement the overly personal apology as a free pass to other public figures harassed on the matter. This distraction is not only spineless and wrong, it’s dangerous – and it’s growing in popularity.

Actress and demolition culture martyr Gina Carano recently quoted the question as too personal.

This is how the Eagles’ defense ended Ryan Kerrigan, resounding Jets quarterback Zach Wilson June again.

And at a press conference Thursday, August 5th, Patriots quarterbacks Mac Jones and Cam Newton declined to answer the question for these reasons the HIPAA meme treatment.

Interestingly, the distraction seems to mean different things to different public figures. Tucker Carlson, who is one of the world’s leading vaccine skeptics, won’t answer because he almost certainly took the vaccine and admitting so much would make him look like a hypocrite. At least some of these athletes, however, are likely to evade this question because they do not explicitly pose as anti-Vaxxers or vaccine reluctants and want to face the associated controls.

Vaccinated or not, all these public figures should at least have the courage to convince and make their decisions more openly. If Carlson is so passionate about the tyranny of vaccine drivers that he has to yell about America’s largest television audience every night, he should let those audiences know if he’s taking his own prescription. If the soccer players are afraid of being convicted for not having been vaccinated, they need to know that people are judging them anyway. But if they want to continue their efforts to distract the question, “too personal” is not a sufficient reason.

Indeed, in most situations, many questions are too intrusive and personal to be posed of a public figure. Sexual orientation or favorite position questions, to which Carlson compared the vaccination question in another interview, are forbidden in most interviews. As well as questions about personal finances, family tragedies, and certain religious beliefs. Likewise, many medical questions are too personal to ask in most job interviews. However, there can be exceptions to each of these overall topics, depending on their relevance. For example, if Tucker Carlson spent a lot of time devoting himself to moral aversion to a shared sexual position, it would be fair for a reporter to ask if he had ever looked into it.

The question of vaccination, on the other hand, is relatively, uh, harmless. When it comes to medical issues, it is closer to asking if someone has ever broken a bone than to asking if they’ve had very personal cosmetic surgery like breast implants.

More importantly, the vaccine question isn’t too personal by definition either, as the answer has wider implications for these people. Tucker Carlson and Cam Newton are constantly surrounded by other people; Your health and safety is part of an exponential chain that affects the health and safety of many other people. Aside from what their refusal to say whether they have been vaccinated sends to their millions of admirers, it causes unnecessary worry and confusion for everyone in their orbit.

Even personal? We are in the middle of a global medical crisis. Nobody tries to read Tucker Carlson’s diary; They are trying to find out if he poses a health risk for walking.

People are free to answer the question or not, but they should stop being cowardly about it.

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