Kate Beckinsale vows never to undergo plastic surgery: “I’m scared of paralyzing my face”


The Underworld star has never gone under the knife and has no plans to do so as she gets older, instead hoping she’ll end up looking as good as her “radiant” mother, 74-year-old actress Judy Loe.

“I didn’t have a (cosmetic job)! I’m not against people having that. (But) I’m pissed off (assuming I had work). It’s kind of a given that I had it which I literally didn’t have, “she told the UK Sunday Times.

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“I’m scared of paralyzing my face. My mother’s voice is in my head, very loud all the time. My mother wouldn’t even get a facial; she’s suspicious of something like that and looks damn bright and fantastic.”

She added, “I know if I did botox I would be the one who got the drooping eye and my mom would say, ‘I fucking told you! See? You should never do that. ‘”

Beckinsale is out promoting the new Amazon action film Jolt, in which she plays a woman with extreme problems dealing with anger alongside Laverne Cox and Stanley Tucci.

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