Huize Holding Ltd (NASDAQ: HUIZ) is partnering with Sungrow to develop immune cell cryopreservation


Huize Holding Ltd (NASDAQ: HUIZ), a Chinese insurance company, has partnered with Sungrow to develop immune cell cryopreservation as a value-adding health option for its insurance customers.

This is how the technology works

This technology, which relates to advanced biotechnology for the extraction of immune cells from the human body, is supported by BGU Cell. These cells are then stored at temperatures below -196 ° C. They can later be reactivated in the human body and are essential for immune regulation, anti-aging, tissue regeneration and the treatment of diseases.

Haze’s founder and CEO, Mr. Cunjun Ma, expressed Haze’s enthusiasm for the new partnership with Sungrow. He adds that Sungrow will be their external administrator and also provide them with the BGI-Cell technology. The CEO says this partnership is part of the company’s long-term goal to move into other areas to add more value-added services to insurance products.

Mr. Ma says Haze is trying to maximize the benefits of its customers by creating a more integrated ecosystem for their insurance. He adds that since the beginning of the year, Haze has been diversifying its insurance products to satisfy its broad customer base. The company believes such products will increase their competitiveness in the marketplace and increase the long-term value of their products to their users, creating lifelong commitments.

About Huize and Sungrow

Huize Holding is a leader in digital insurance for new generation customers in China. Unlike most insurance companies, Huize is aimed at teenagers hoping to meet their lifelong insurance needs. The company offers a wide variety of health and life insurance products. It gives its insurance partners access to a fragmented retail insurance market and increases their insurance sales. The digital products that they offer their customers include consulting services, suitable product recommendations and support with application and processing, which significantly improves the transaction experience.

Sungrow, on the other hand, is an insurance data and technology-enabled third-party administration service for the middle-aged and senior health insurance market. Sungrow supports insurance companies with their extensive database in underwriting risk management, in the design of insurance products and in the development of product distribution channels.

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