Dewey Beach’s Tyler Hudson Recovers “Like a Champion”


While Tyler Hudson has a long way to go in recovering from his injuries sustained in a traffic accident on July 16, girlfriend Maddie Kelly says every day is better than the last.

Hudson, the owner of the Dewey Beach Surf Shop, has had multiple surgeries at Christiana Hospital since he was flown to the trauma center after the collision.

He was driving a moped to a birthday party when he came across a car with a stop sign on it; The man who drove the car is now facing charges of aggravated assault in the third offense and first degree assault.

Hudson’s mind works well, said Kelly; he remembers everything that led to the crash.

“But not the accident itself, which is best,” said Kelly. “He’s made so much progress so far, it was cool to see how quickly he progressed.”

Hudson had surgery almost every other day, Kelly said, but he was done with that for now, after the last surgery on his arm a few days ago. He will be returning for another surgery in five to six weeks as bone grafts will be needed on his right leg and arm, she said.

“Every operation makes me nervous, but he took each one like a champ,” she said. “He was super happy that the surgeon was able to line up the tattoos on his arm.”

Hudson can now store information, Kelly said, and he’s started asking questions about the accident.

“He’s a blur about his hospital stay, what nurses say isn’t uncommon,” she said. “He’s curious and can’t explain why he’s still there.”

No one sitting still, Hudson tries to move more than the caregivers would like, Kelly said, but he can’t put weight on his right leg for another month or two.

“He loves flirting with the nurses to get more food,” she laughed. “It’s cool to see him come back to himself. All he wants to do is drink a White Claw on his boat. “

Hudson has been cleared for placement in an intensive rehabilitation center that will be most suitable for him for an undisclosed time, Kelly said. He will be reassessed every few days before being sent home and will continue recovery with outpatient therapy or home care, she said.

Kelly said his positive changes, along with everyone’s continued prayers and check-ins, had motivated her.

“It makes it easier to know that everyone is behind him,” she said. “We’ve only had good news since day one. On the bad days, we hold on to it and realize that it could have been much worse. We have it, and that’s all that matters. “

Big Chill Surf Cantina fundraiser raises $ 44,000. on

The Tyler Palooza fundraiser, held at Big Chill Surf Cantina on July 27, raised $ 44,000 from guest bartenders donating $ 10,000 to sales from the Big Chill Surf Cantina, and auction items that included Donated by local businesses and artists.

The bar is full day and night, said General Manager AJ Borrero.

“We wanted this event to be a way for the community to give back to Tyler, who has supported our local community year-round with his Dewey Beach Surf Shop,” said Borrero.

Mike Ridings, owner of Big Chill Surf Cantina and Liquid Coastal Supply, worked with local artists Gel Clemmer and Laura Erickson to create a Dewey Strong t-shirt that was sold during the event and all proceeds will benefit Hudson.

“The event was a huge success and it was great to see everyone come together for Tyler,” said Ridings. “We sold out our t-shirts within the first hour, but we ordered a lot more that will be available here soon at the Dewey Beach Surf Shop.”

Event organizers, as well as Hudson’s friends and family, want to remind everyone to drive carefully and keep an eye out for scooters, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Upcoming fundraising campaigns, donation opportunities

Scooter City is hosting a fundraiser at its location, 37347 Rehoboth Avenue Extension, just before the Rehoboth Avenue Drawbridge, Tuesday, August 17th, from 7pm to 10pm. The Cup’r Cone ice cream truck will be available for purchase with homemade goodies, raffles and freshly grilled food, and Scooter City is running store promotions. A portion of the proceeds will go to Hudson and his family. Parking spaces are available.

Another event, Tying Town Together, will take place on Tuesday, August 24th at the Hyatt Place Dewey Beach Sunset Deck with a silent auction, raffles, live music and more. Details are still in progress; Follow Dewey Beach Surf Shop on Facebook for updates.

Donations for Hudson are accepted below and at the Dewey Beach Surf Shop, 2105 Coastal Highway.

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