When you want to waltz, cha cha and rumba across continents, I have the right cruise line for you: Cristal Cruises.

This luxury line, which has won too many awards to mention, is one of the few cruise lines to offer an Ambassador Dance hospitality program. Translation: There are gentlemen on board, whose ONLY duty is to dance with the ladies who sail solo. It’s just the ticket for women who love to dance and travel without a dance partner – and also for married women whose husbands accompanying them don’t like to dance.

Either way, Crystal Cruises guarantees that you can make the light travel in a fantastic way, however you like.

And in some cases, the dance schedule is the main reason some passengers choose Crystal. This way, they are guaranteed to refuel all day long.

According to Gary Hunter, Cruise Director of Crystal Serenity: “The dance host program has been very successful. We have a lot of single women who love to dance, and many choose Crystal because of the hosting program. This opportunity is in addition to the Crystal set. In fact, the Crystal Serenity is home to one of those women, Mama Lee, who has lived aboard the ship for nine years. Mama Lee came to Crystal exclusively for the host dance program, ”said Mr. Hunter. .

On a recent Crystal cruise, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dennis Love, one of the dance ambassadors from Queensland, Australia. Mr. Love, who has been a ballroom dancer his entire life, says the job makes him feel like he’s 16, even though he’s 68. His daily duties include a dance class at 1:30 p.m., followed by ‘a dance in the Palm Court with the Crystal Band at 5.15 p.m., then at 7.45 a.m. a dance session at the Palm Court until midnight, with breaks in between. Typically at 6 p.m. it also hosts a table of single women at dinner. “We don’t get paid, but we sail the ship for free,” says Love. Does he like it? He emphatically said “YES with a capital Y”, adding, “I love what I do – there is nothing better and I am the envy of many men around the world.”

Debbi kickham

“My name is Love,” he adds, laughing. “I must have the ethics and the values ​​to make me the embodiment of a gentleman.”

I also had the pleasure of meeting Roxanne Armstrong from Kansas City, Missouri, who told me she was performing her 14th Crystal Cruise, due to the dance program. “That’s why I chose Crystal,” she said.

I can vouch for dance lessons at 1:30 p.m. They are usually taught by ballroom dancers who are on board as a talent for on-board production shows, as well as by dance leaders like Mr. Love. This way I learned to foxtrot, jive, and quick walk with my husband Bill. After lunch every day is a great way to burn calories, learn something new (which I can do at home too), and have a lot of fun.

“It’s a wonderful thing,” says Mr. Love. “I am in Heaven Dennis.”

Debbi kickham

Now listen to the music of the Big Band and put on your dancing shoes.