Instant Approval Bank Cards – For An Instant-On The Internet Decision

Is your credit very poor, below average, or sub-par? Would you be interested in obtaining a charge card that could help you rebuild credit while improving your score? Are you tired of not having credit cards to take your date or family out, shop online, or even get a rental car?

One more point to discuss is usually how convenient it is to lend money. When you take a mortgage you need to go to a bank plus fill in necessary documents. You can find credit cards online not heading anywhere. What makes it a lot more attractive is that you can get a good instant approval credit cards card. This means that you can do internet shopping straight away!

Many cash credit cards for excellent credit provide variable rebate amounts. For instance, Card A may give a person five percent cash back upon gas purchases while providing you only one to two % back for purchases produced at grocery stores. Card M, on the other hand, may only provide one to two percent back with regard to purchases made at gasoline stations but give three to five % back for grocery store buys. If you rarely pay for your own groceries with a credit card yet purchase gas frequently, Cards An is going to be your best bet — and vice versa.

No more financial debt: What’s great about a guaranteed card is that you can’t cause any more debt. It’s not such as another credit card with a $3, 000 credit limit that you can greatest extent out. You will use this credit card like a debit card and when you don’t have any money to buy everything, you can’t.

The banks who provide credit cards to rebuild credit do want your company and they aren’t really concealing from you. Search for secured charge card applications and you’re likely to discover just that.

Once you have been accepted, the bank sends you a credit card. While the approval time will be short, you will not receive the credit card immediately (they can’t send out it through cyberspace yet). You can expect to wait a week or even two while the company transmits the card in the mail. As soon as you receive and activate them, it is yours to use. The whole process for an immediate credit score decision is much speedier compared to applying through the postal mail or higher the phone.

Too much debt or excessive credit is additionally capable to lower your good credit rating to 1 that is disastrous! They can furthermore become a life saver and if utilized appropriately are also able to get you away from that financial burden. Nevertheless, I must stress don’t misuse them or they will definitely make your situation worse.

Post is fluttering into the house every day and the private paper mountain is growing and growing.

Post is fluttering into the house every day and the private paper mountain is growing and growing.

If you do not want to lose track, you can get organized in a few steps. CosmosDirekt explains what to look for and which documents should not be disposed of prematurely.

Whether birth certificate, social security card or materials for home contents insurance: you rarely have to take these documents to hand and it is so wonderful easy to make them disappear in the desk drawer. The subsequent recovery is then but the more difficult. Good if you know where to look in urgent cases.

Tip 1: End the paper economy
All documents should best be sorted and filed so that they are readily available. Individual folders separated by topics provide a good overview. Related documents such as birth certificates or marriage certificates should be kept together. In addition, the documents can be collected around the house or apartment and bank or insurance documents in appropriate folders.

Tip 2: In duplicate
It is advisable to make copies of important documents and to deposit them separately from the original. To secure yourself in the event of a burglary or fire, you can use a safe or a safe deposit box for the originals. Well kept should also be a list of all valuable furnishings. “The installation helps the household insurance in the event of damage, to quantify the costs,” says Sabine Kreutzer-Martin, expert at CosmosDirekt.

Tip 3: Regular document check
So that the mountains of paper are not too large, you should take a look every three or five years in the folder and sort out, for example, old bills or account statements. It should be noted that some documents should be kept longer than others (see table). So look carefully, what can and can not do.

Tip 4: Dispose of properly
Documents with sensitive data such as bank account numbers or credit card information should not simply be disposed of in the wastebasket, but shredded beforehand. Time and again, identity thieves use private information for their scams. Therefore, always be careful.

Tip 5: Use digital document storage
With the growing importance of the Internet, documents are increasingly being made available digitally. Documents received by e-mail, such as invoices, should be stored in specially designed thematic folders. It is safer to always store important documents in two separate locations – for example, on the internal hard disk and additionally on an external hard disk.

Even more practical are online platforms, such as banks and insurance companies, where bank statements and letters are deposited. So CosmosDirekt offers in the personal insurance folder my CosmosDirekt the possibility to save quotes and contracts and to manage data. The advantage of the digital document storage is that the documents are available at any time – whether at home on the computer or on the go on the smartphone. In order to optimally protect the data, the password must be kept as confidential as the account PIN.

Recommendation for private households: In general, it is sufficient to comply with the following retention periods * :

A life long
  • Civil documents (eg birth or marriage certificates, death certificates of relatives)
  • School and university certificates, professional qualifications
  • Medical reports
  • Evidence of home ownership
At least until the pension
  • Documents documenting the professional career (eg employment contracts, dismissals, salary statements, social security certificates)
For the entire term
  • Insurance documents for any policies
  • Documents on financial and pension products (eg overnight money, life insurance or savings plan)
For the entire service life
  • Documentation for household insurance (eg documents about furniture, electronics or jewelery)
30 years
  • Court judgments, dunning notices, credit documents
4 years
  • Bank statements or bank transfers
3 years
  • Old leases, transfer protocols, deposit receipts
2 years
  • Cash receipts (warranty period usually two years)
  • craft bills


The EU says that Spain closed 2013 six tenths above the target and 93.9% debt

The EU says that Spain closed 2013 six tenths above the target and 93.9% debt

  • Eurostat confirms that Spain closed 2013 with a deficit of 7.1%, against the 6.5% target set by Brussels and far from 3% of the Stability Pact.
  • The office also confirms that France has not met the goal of 4.1%, compared to Germany or Luxembourg, which achieved stability and surplus.
  • For his part, Luis de Guindos has ensured that in 2014 and 2015 GDP growth will be 1.5% on average and that there will be no deflation in Spain.
  • GRAPH: Economic forecasts for 2014 and 2015 of the main sources.
  • Read the Eurostat report on the deficit in 2013.

The Eurostat community statistical office confirmed on Wednesday that Spain closed 2013 with a deficit of 7.1% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP), six tenths above the target set by Brussels for the past year (6.5%), and still a tenth above without counting the public aid destined to the bank , which would leave a deviation of 6.6%.

The community office calculates that the Spanish deficit rose to 72,577 million euros in 2013, taking into account the aid to banks, which had an impact of 0.5% of GDP on the budget deviation.

The debt went from 90.7% of the GDP of the euro countries to 92.6% at the end of 2013. Spain is still far from the path marked for the country to return to respect the maximum of 3% established in the Growth Pact and European Stability. To carry out this rebalancing in its accounts, Spain received an extension of two years , so that it had to close 2013 by 6.5%, to reach 5.8% in 2014, 4.2% in 2015 and 2.8% in 2016.

In addition, the Spanish public debt rose to 960,676 million euros in 2013, representing 93.9% of the country's GDP, which rises to 1,022,988 million euros, according to the Community statistical office.

The data published by Eurostat also show that the deficit has been reduced in the countries as a whole in both the euro area and the European Union, standing at 3% and 3.3% on average , respectively.

Ten countries outside the limit

Ten countries have exceeded the 3% maximum established in the Growth Stability Pact: Slovenia (14.7%), Greece (12.7%), Ireland (7.2%), Spain (7.1%) , United Kingdom (5.8%), Cyprus (5.4%), Croatia (4.9%), Portugal ( 4.9%), France (4.3%) and Poland (4.3%).

Eurostat confirms that France has failed to meet the target of 4.1% established by Brussels , for the country to continue reducing the deficit to 3.6% in 2014 and below 3% in 2015. On the contrary, Luxembourg achieved a surplus of 0.1% and Germany "was established in a situation close to equilibrium", according to Eurostat.

As for public debt, the trend was upwards both in the partners of the single currency and in the Union as a whole. Specifically, the debt went from representing 90.7% of the GDP of the euro countries in 2012 to 92.6% at the end of 2013 , while in the Twenty-eight the escalation was 85.2% to 87.1% .

The economy will grow, according to De Guindos

The Minister of Economy and Competitiveness, Luis de Guindos, said on Wednesday that in 2014 and 2015 GDP growth will be 1.5% on average and stressed that "everything indicates that the Spanish economy has continued with the recovery in the first quarter of the year. "

De Guindos said that for the first time since the crisis began there will be a "sustained recovery" and a net creation of employment that will be "relatively significant" over a period of two years. For the minister, "it is still a very clear growth insufficient" given the unemployment figure, but it is a quantity "much higher" than those of the last six years of crisis.

What the International Monetary Fund does is cover All these data, he said, will be included in the revision of the stability program and the national plan of reforms that will be sent to Brussels later this month.

In any case, De Guindos has avoided giving a specific figure for each of the exercises – initially the Government manages to place the GDP rise this year around 1% – and has ensured that "the important thing is not the tenth concrete , but with two years of growth of an average of 1.5% the behavior of the Spanish economy is substantially different ".

On the other hand, De Guindos has ruled out a scenario of deflation in Spain and has opined that "what the International Monetary Fund does is cover itself" when it talks about this "reduced" risk for the world economy. The minister has assured that there will not be a sustained fall in prices in Spain (deflation), although there will be a reduced inflation that has positive aspects.

The reasons for rejecting this risk, among others, are the increase in domestic demand and the improvement of family confidence indicators, which "take us to levels prior to the crisis" and are higher than those of other countries in the region. euro area.

More information about:

  • European Union

Karlsruhe – A planned hearing of the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) on individual amounts for loan agreements does not take place at first. The Targobank was sued a few weeks ago, as it demanded a single individual amount from a bank customer when making a loan. The Targobank justified this with special services, which the customer had received in connection with his loan.

Picture: Justice 

Whether the disputed “individual contribution” for certain loans of the Targobank is permissible is not clarified for the first time by a supreme court. A scheduled for November 22 trial of the Federal Court (BGH) on the subject was canceled on Thursday. The bank has withdrawn its appeal, said the court in Karlsruhe. The Targobank justified the step on request with “a re-examination of the individual case … in a concrete case” (file No. XI ZR 450/15). A customer had pleaded that upon conclusion of the bank’s “individual loan” a “term-independent Individual contribution “of almost 1900 euros had paid. This loan differs from the basic variant by some special benefits. For example, a pause is possible once a year. Background of the lawsuit are judgments with which the BGH in 2014 had overturned processing fees on loans. The banks wallowed over these fees inadmissible administrative costs on the customers, it was said at that time. It was only on Tuesday that the Senate extended this case law to home savings loans. Consumer advocates such as the banking law expert Markus Feck of the consumer center NRW criticize the “individual contribution” as a “little brother of the processing fee”. Since he is associated with special services, courts have sometimes declared him admissible, sometimes invalid. Ultimately, the BGH would have to decide. There are still several comparable cases pending. The Targobank does not collect the contribution according to own data since February any more. If the BGH declares it ineffective, customers could claim back their money.


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