Higher Deposit and Lower Interest

Building savings due to falling state premium is used by fewer and fewer Slovaks. Basic interest on new contracts has already fallen below 2% pa and, in addition, in 2016 you will have to put more money into building savings again if you want a full state premium. Who else is worth building savings? Low

Credit procedure – necessary documents

July 19, 2018 The credit procedure doesn’t have to be scary! If you know the stages that make up the loan procedure, you’ll be ready to apply for a bank loan. You will certainly not miss checking creditworthiness. The possibilities of our budget are one of the factors that has a major impact on the

With shopping, holiday and loan card

June 22, 2017 As recent research results show, the overwhelming majority of Poles prefer card payments. Non-cash transactions are faster and less problematic than those made with paper money. Cards are constantly being improved, and consumers are not afraid of further innovations and willingly use the proposed payment methods. The dynamic development of the financial

How to save on a loan

Early repayment of the loan The option of early repayment is one of the main ways to reduce the payday cost, as it allows you to save on interest accrued for the remaining period until the repayment date specified in the contract. For example, if we took out a loan for 30 days, and after